Limited Access Micropiles, 180′ Deep

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / March 28, 2022

Limited Access Micropiles, Company Record 180′ Depth As the 17-story Virginia General Assembly Building (VAGA) neared completion, it was determined that a pedestrian tunnel would be built across the Capital Grounds and enter the building’s basement. The proposed tunnel would enter the VAGA basement by first going through a preserved historic façade; however, the tunnel…

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photos of micropiles for supporting a tower crane

Micropile Design

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / February 25, 2021

Micropile Design Micropile design includes structural and geotechnical design. Let’s discuss the importance of these two types of design for your next commercial construction project. Structural Design Design CriteriaMicropiles are designed by two standards, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the 2015 International Building Code (IBC).  Of course, the FHWA standard applies to highway projects…

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Photo showing installation of a soil nail wall

How Does a Soil Nail Wall Work?

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / January 25, 2021

How does a soil nail wall work? Concept Soil nail walls are typically designed using a limit equilibrium analysis.  Think of the sliding block experiment in high school physics lab where you may have calculated what force is required to overcome friction and move a sandpaper block along an incline.  In a soil nail wall,…

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Permanent soil nail wall during shoring construction project

Permanent or Temporary Soil Nail Wall?

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / August 15, 2020

Do you need a permanent or temporary soil nail wall?  Here are the similarities and differences. Both Remain in PlaceBoth permanent and temporary soil nail walls remain in place.  Temporary soil nails are backfilled against and abandoned in place.  Permanent soil nail walls remain in place to serve as site retaining walls or to keep…

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Plaxis Model

Considering Movement of Excavation Shoring Systems

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / January 22, 2020

Considering Movement of Excavation Shoring Systems Are you shoring to limit excavation into a tree protection area?  Are you shoring to excavate near an historic masonry church?  Of course, we would all be more concerned about the shoring system chosen at the church, but which system?  The first step is to choose the right system. …

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