First driven soil nail wall is allowed in Fairfax County, VA

Driven soil nail wall innovation benefits client in McLean, VA.

For the Freddie Mac Expansion project in McLean, VA, L.F. Jennings (G.C.) selected Subsurface Construction to design and install the ground shoring system around the perimeter of the site. Fairfax County has a shoring geotechnical review board with strict guidelines for allowable soil properties used in shoring design. Tthe project geotechnical engineer informed us the review board never allows soil properties other than those stipulated by the board.

Subsurface Makes Case for Innovation

Always looking to innovate, T.J. Ju, P.E., Chief Design Engineer at Subsurface, made a compelling argument. He presented verifiable historical data and research results to the review board. As a result, he convinced them to allow alternative soil properties that more closely matched the existing subgrade conditions found on site.  In conjunction with this data, Subsurface developed a program to verify the assumed properties by testing the soil at every lift and sending data to the client.  As a result, we were able to utilize our Driven Soil Nail System, developed by our company, which saved the owner time and money.

By working in close conjunction with the grading contractor, we were able to install as much as 1,300 sq. ft. of shoring in a single day. We also completed the shoring installation 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Innovation is a hallmark of our company. And we are pleased to be a part of this progression for soil nail wall design in the Fairfax County region of Virginia.


What is a Driven Soil Nail Wall?

A driven soil nail wall is part of a shoring system. It consists of driven steel bars with a composite geotextile fabric and wire mesh face. Driven soil nail walls improve installation time by 50% over conventional shoring methods.


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