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photo of auger cast pile drill rig

Auger Cast Pile Design

Step-by-Step Design Process of Auger Cast Piles (ACP) The design process for Auger Cast Piles (ACP) follows a ...
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Support of Excavation in Cities

Construction projects are ubiquitous in the busy concrete jungles that characterize modern cities. Whether it's the erection of ...
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Permanent Soil Nail Wall Face Options

Soil Nail face Options While we love soil nail walls and beauty is in the eye of the ...
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3 Excavation Shoring Buy-out Pitfalls

General Contractors have a huge responsibility when buying out the many trades. Excavation shoring can be difficult as ...
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5 Mistakes Contractors Make with Deep Excavations

Deep Excavation Mistake #1.  You get 4' for free. OSHA tricked us.  It's really not our fault.  Everywhere ...
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Limited Access Micropiles, 180′ Deep

Limited Access Micropiles, Company Record 180' Depth As the 17-story Virginia General Assembly Building (VAGA) neared completion, it ...
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Drilling Anchors for Soldier Pile Wall


Anchor design and installation for excavation support systems Definition FHWA defines anchors as cement grouted prestressed steel tendons ...
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photo of internally braced soldier pile wall

Soldier Pile Wall Safety

What are some safety considerations when constructing soldier pile walls? Soldier pile wall safety is about taking care ...
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Soldier Pile Wall Construction

How are soldier pile walls constructed? Soldier Pile Installation Soldier piles are typically steel H-piles or W sections.  ...
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Duke University Bed Tower Anchored Soldier Pile Walls

Soldier Pile Wall Advantages

What are the advantages of a soldier pile wall? Flexibility Soldier Pile Walls are the go-to excavation shoring ...
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Micropile Drilling

Quality Control for Micropiles

Micropile Foundation Quality Control Using some basic micropile foundation quality control measures will help your project move forward ...
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photos of micropiles for supporting a tower crane

Micropile Design

Micropile Design Micropile design includes structural and geotechnical design. Let's discuss the importance of these two types of ...
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photo of a small drill rig installing micropoiles

Micropile Advantages

What are the advantages of micropiles? Overcoming Difficult Ground Conditions The first advantage of micropiles has to do ...
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Anchor rig drilling soil nails

Quality Control for Soil Nail Walls

Soil Nail Walls Quality Control One of our founders has a saying, “checking is cheap.”  Another one most ...
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Photo showing installation of a soil nail wall

How Does a Soil Nail Wall Work?

How does a soil nail wall work? Concept Soil nail walls are typically designed using a limit equilibrium ...
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Photo of Alex Smith

Alex Smith is the New Managing Member

Congratulations to Alex Smith on becoming the new Managing Member at Subsurface Construction.  Alex is a professional engineer, ...
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Permanent soil nail wall during shoring construction project

Soil Nail Wall Advantages

What are the advantages of a soil nail wall? Speed and Cost Soil nail walls are installed more ...
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photo of Greg Sullivan

Congratulations to Greg Sullivan

With admiration, gratitude, and sadness we announce that Greg Sullivan will retire at the end of 2020. Greg ...
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Permanent soil nail wall during shoring construction project

Permanent or Temporary Soil Nail Wall?

Do you need a permanent or temporary soil nail wall?  Here are the similarities and differences. Both Remain ...
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Talking and listening

Empathy is Imperative – Construction Leadership

Expressing genuine empathy is critical to being a successful leader, salesperson and coworker.  Want to lose someone's confidence?  ...
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OSHA Announces “Targeted Industries in Construction” for silica enforcement.

Silica Enforcement in the Construction Industry We should consider the OSHA's new silica law a good thing.  The ...
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Plaxis Model

Considering Movement of Excavation Shoring Systems

Considering Movement of Excavation Shoring Systems Are you shoring to limit excavation into a tree protection area?  Are ...
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Robert Jones Serves as Field Supervisor for AMPIS Drilling School

We would like to recognize our General Superintendent, Robert Jones, for serving as Field Supervisor for the Anchor ...
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Anchor rig drilling soil nails

The things we (and you) should ask when Preparing and Evaluating a Shoring Bid

Common questions we ask ourselves when preparing a shoring bid: 1.Have we clearly communicated the scope of work ...
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Leading Engineer TJ Ju becomes a US Citizen

Congratulations to TJ Ju, PE, on becoming a US Citizen.  TJ is our lead geotechnical design engineer, a ...
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Micropile Foundations – Are they a good fit for this project?

Micropile Foundations Is this project a good fit for micropiles? This is a question that I’m asked quite ...
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level 5 leadership pyramid

Are you a Level 5 Leader?

Leading in the Construction Industry HUMILITY + WILLJim Collins in "Good to Great" defines Level 5 Leaders as ...
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Duke University East Campus Dorm Driven Soil Nail Wall

Why you should use driven soil nails.
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Anchor rig drilling soil nails

Silica Exposure Control Programs in the Drilling Industry

Silica Exposure Control Programs in the Drilling Industry We are all gaining familiarity with “Table 1. SPECIFIED EXPOSURE ...
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Leadership Development

Recently our Regional Managers, Alex Smith, PE and Jodie Nixon, PE, attended the Bell Leadership Institute’s Achievers™ conference in ...
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Virginia War Memorial Shoring Support

VA War Memorial featured in Foundation Drilling Magazine

Subsurface Construction is honored to have the Virginia War Memorial as a Technical Featured article in Foundation Drilling ...
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Duke University Bed Tower Secant Wall

Secant Pile Wall

Subsurface completed a permanent secant pile wall at the VA War Memorial.  The wall serves as a permanent ...
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Freddie Mac Ground Shoring FM6 driven soil nail wall

First driven soil nail wall is allowed in Fairfax County, VA

Driven soil nail wall innovation benefits client in McLean, VA. For the Freddie Mac Expansion project in McLean, ...
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Subsurface Construction Company Develops Senior Community Site

Subsurface Helps Develop Senior Community Site

Developer taps into demand created by Triangle’s growing senior population DAVID BRACKEN RALEIGH With the Triangle’s job market ...
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Drilling Safety – Always Critical

I am sharing an email from one of our industry safety leaders: All, This is yet another unfortunate ...
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