With our significant experience installing micropiles, we offer speed and versatility with small diameter, high capacity deep foundations.

When are micropiles the best foundation option?   
  • Temporary and Permanent Building Underpinning
  • Seismic retrofits
  • Deep foundations in difficult drilling conditions
  • Arresting settlement
  • Bridge Endbents
  • Low overhead installation – under 8’-6”
  • Install casing through overburden to rock, if required
  • Drill socket into rock
  • Trimmie grout reinforcing steel
  • Capacity developed through friction capacity
  • Thread Bar Reinforcing 20 – 150 T

6” to 8” Drilled Hole

  • Pipe Reinforcing 50 to 300 T

8” to 12” Drilled Hole

  • Capacities depend on the quality of the rock

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Due to the location of the project, North Carolina State University, I was very impressed at the crew’s manners and respect for their surroundings. They acted very professionally.

Charlie McIntosh, Environment Quality Resources