Driven Soil Nail Walls in Virginia

The Driven Soil Nail shoring system consists of driven steel bars with a composite geotextile fabric and wire mesh face, improving installation time by 50% over conventional shoring methods.

Driven Soil Nail vs Drilled Soil Nail Comparison Sheet


  • Temporary excavation shoring
  • Slope stabilization


  • Excavate 5 feet
  • Place geocomposite wall face
  • Drive steel bars
  • Proof test driven nails
  • Repeat process to bottom of excavation
Freddie Mac Ground Shoring FM6 driven soil nail wall

First driven soil nail wall is allowed in Fairfax County, VA

Driven soil nail wall innovation benefits client in McLean, VA. For the Freddie Mac Expansion ...
Duke University East Campus Dorm Driven Soil Nail Wall

Why you should use driven soil nails.

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Freddie Mac Ground Shoring Driven Soil Nail Wall

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