Excavation Shoring Construction

& Micropiles Contracting Services

Biogen Soil Nail Walls

Soil Nailing in North Carolina

What is a soil nail wall? A soil nail wall is a a "top-down" retaining wall constructed in ...
Photo of an Anchored Soldier Pile Wall

Soldier Pile Walls in North Carolina

Anchored soldier pile walls are offered as a solution when the site requires a stiff excavation shoring system, ...
Construction workers setting micropiles up next to retaining wall on job site

Micropile Services in North Carolina

What is a micropile? A micropile is a high capacity small diameter pile that can be installed through ...
Duke University East Campus Dorm Driven Soil Nail Wall

Driven Soil Nail Walls in Virginia

The Driven Soil Nail shoring system consists of driven steel bars with a composite geotextile fabric and wire ...
micropile underpinning and soil nail shoring

Underpinning in South Carolina

Using micropile underpinning in conjunction with soil nail shoring, we can support existing structures adjacent to deep excavations while maintaining ...

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