Anchor rig drilling soil nails

The things we (and you) should ask when Preparing and Evaluating a Shoring Bid

By Joseph Nixon, PE / July 16, 2019

Common questions we ask ourselves when preparing a shoring bid: 1.Have we clearly communicated the scope of work included in our shoring bid proposal? 2.Will the ground water table cause trouble? 3.How deep is rock? 4.Open hole drilling or casing? 5.Are there reasons to expect drilling obstructions? 6.Can sloping be used to avoid utilities and/or reduce…

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Leadership Development

By Joseph Nixon, PE / July 23, 2018

Recently our Regional Managers, Alex Smith, PE and Jodie Nixon, PE, attended the Bell Leadership Institute’s Achievers™ conference in Raleigh, NC.  The Bell Leadership Institute is a leading organization in executive education and development helping organizations through its programs and services since 1972.  The focus of the Achievers™ conference is “become a great leader by building yourself…

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