Drilling Anchors for Soldier Pile Wall


By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / August 27, 2021

Anchor design and installation for excavation support systems Definition FHWA defines anchors as cement grouted prestressed steel tendons that are installed in soil or rock. Benefits Open Excavations: Anchors are used to provide the horizontal force necessary retain temporary or permanent shoring systems for deep excavations.  They provide an open site, as opposed to internal…

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photo of internally braced soldier pile wall

Soldier Pile Wall Safety

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / April 28, 2021

What are some safety considerations when constructing soldier pile walls? Soldier pile wall safety is about taking care of people first. Here’s how we do it. Drill Rig Stability Drill rigs must have a stable base to prevent overturning.  The bearing capacity of the soil must be sufficient to support the rig weight and the…

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Soldier Pile Wall Construction

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / April 15, 2021

How are soldier pile walls constructed? Soldier Pile Installation Soldier piles are typically steel H-piles or W sections.  The piles may be driven, vibrated, or drilled into place.  Piles are typically driven or vibrated into the ground where soil profiles do not prevent driving and were vibrations can be tolerated by adjacent structures.  On newer…

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Virginia War Memorial Shoring Support

VA War Memorial featured in Foundation Drilling Magazine

By Greg Sullivan, PE / July 16, 2018

Subsurface Construction is honored to have the Virginia War Memorial as a Technical Featured article in Foundation Drilling Magazine July 2018, a publication of the Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors (ADSC). Subsurface designed and constructed a permanent anchored secant pile wall and a temporary soil nail wall for the expansion project. For the secant pile…

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Duke University Bed Tower Secant Wall

Secant Pile Wall

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / March 19, 2018

Subsurface completed a permanent secant pile wall at the VA War Memorial.  The wall serves as a permanent basement wall and supports vertical load from the structure.

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Subsurface Construction Company Develops Senior Community Site

Subsurface Helps Develop Senior Community Site

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / April 2, 2015

Developer taps into demand created by Triangle’s growing senior population DAVID BRACKEN RALEIGH With the Triangle’s job market proving itself to be among the best in the country in recent years, this region has been adding new residents at a faster rate than all but a handful of other metropolitan areas. That population growth is…

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