Waltonwood – Shotcrete Face Project – Raleigh, NC

Shotcrete Face Project Description:

Waltonwood is an upscale senior living apartment complex built into a large hillside in an urban area in Raleigh, NC.  The client’s challenge was to cost effectively develop a difficult site that included a large retaining wall for parking and a building that would have soil pressure from a 26’ cut on only one side.

Shotcrete Face Solutions

Subsurface designed a top-down permanent soil nail wall to allow for construction of the parking lot. Boulderscape then applied the aesthetic carved and stained shotcrete face to the site wall.  For the building, the soil load on the structure was taken by a permanent soil nail wall, allowing the developer to construct the building without incurring the cost of a large concrete wall.  The building wall was constructed inches in front of the permanent soil nail wall as though the building was constructed on a flat site.

Shotcrete Face Project Partners in Raleigh, NC

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a way to apply concrete to a vertical surface at a high velocity. In that way, the high velocity adheres the shotcrete to most surfaces. That makes it the perfect application for oddly shaped surfaces. Shotcrete does not require a cast or mold for placement. And that’s what makes it different from concrete. And more cost effective.

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