Blue Ridge Parkway – Landslide Prevention Project – Deep Gap, NC

Landslide Prevention Project Description:

A major landslide forced the closure of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway near Deep Gap, NC. The road in the slide location was originally constructed on a deep embankment fill. The slope of the embankment fill varies, but averages 1.5(H):1(V) near the crest then gradually flattens to 2(H):1(V). Past roadway and drainage repairs attempted in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and again in the 1990’s were not successful long term. A permanent solution was needed.


Following the design provided by the FHWA, Subsurface installed multiple rows of anchors in stages through the existing embankment fill slope. Each anchor tied back a 9’ x 9’ x 2’ thick concrete bearing plate. The anchors permanently hold the embankment fill in place.


  • 9 rows of anchors
  • 90 anchors
  • 100 feet in length
  • 280 kips each

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