Anchored Soldier Pile Walls

Soldier Pile Project Duke University Bed Tower Addition Wall Face

Anchored soldier pile walls are offered as a solution when the site requires a stiff excavation shoring system, especially with multiple utility conflicts.

  • Temporary excavation shoring
  • Permanent site retaining walls
  • Slope stabilization
  • Install driven or drilled and placed piles
  • Excavate 5 feet
  • Wood or shotcrete lag between piles
  • Place, test and lock anchors at design elevations
  • Repeat process to bottom of excavation

The Subsurface Construction team exceeded our expectations in every phase of the project. When challenges presented themselves, the field and office teams were proactive in overcoming them and stayed on schedule. From the bottom to the top, they are driven...

Andrew Hagood, Balfour Beatty