level 5 leadership pyramid

Are you a Level 5 Leader?

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / October 10, 2018

Leading in the Construction Industry HUMILITY + WILLJim Collins in “Good to Great” defines Level 5 Leaders as those who blend personal humility with intense professional will.  While Collin’s team didn’t set out to focus on leadership, during their research they observed that Level 5 leaders were at the helm of every Good to Great…

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Duke University East Campus Dorm Driven Soil Nail Wall

Why you should use driven soil nails.

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / September 10, 2018
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Anchor rig drilling soil nails

Silica Exposure Control Programs in the Drilling Industry

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / July 23, 2018

Silica Exposure Control Programs in the Drilling Industry We are all gaining familiarity with “Table 1. SPECIFIED EXPOSURE CONTROL METHODS WHEN WORKING WITH MATERIALS CONTAINING CRYSTALLINE SILICA” of OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule for Construction –  a title that kind of rolls right off the tongue.  Table 1 was OSHA’s attempt to guide contractors in reducing…

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Duke University Bed Tower Secant Wall

Secant Pile Wall

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / March 19, 2018

Subsurface completed a permanent secant pile wall at the VA War Memorial.  The wall serves as a permanent basement wall and supports vertical load from the structure.

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Freddie Mac Ground Shoring FM6

First driven soil nail wall is allowed in Fairfax County, VA

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / October 4, 2017

For the Freddie Mac Expansion project in McLean, VA, L.F. Jennings (G.C.) selected Subsurface Construction to design and install the ground shoring system around the perimeter of the site. Fairfax County has a shoring geotechnical review board with strict guidelines for allowable soil properties used in shoring design.  We were informed by the project geotechnical…

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Subsurface Construction Company Develops Senior Community Site

Subsurface Helps Develop Senior Community Site

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / April 2, 2015

Developer taps into demand created by Triangle’s growing senior population DAVID BRACKEN RALEIGH With the Triangle’s job market proving itself to be among the best in the country in recent years, this region has been adding new residents at a faster rate than all but a handful of other metropolitan areas. That population growth is…

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Drilling Safety – Always Critical

By Jeffrey W. Coonse, PE / March 2, 2015

I am sharing an email from one of our industry safety leaders: All, This is yet another unfortunate reminder of how dangerous / deadly our work can be.  While the exact details are not known as yet, it is thought that some type of entanglement incident occurred between an employee and the rotating drill string…

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